Hey all,

I just want to say firstly, thanks for taking the time to watch the film.  It means more than anything to me that people see it; I spend so much time working on it alone and by myself, it sometimes feels like I’m talking into a vacuum, so the fact that you’ve made it here, this far, makes it all worth it.

Immune took almost 5 years to put together, animating at nights until 4am, then editing audio in the subways on my way to and from my “real” job. There are things that a studio film would have surely done to speed things up, to make it better-looking, slicker, but I wanted it to feel like it had my voice. I wanted to do it by myself, for you to to feel like it was just me, the real me, talking to you.

So here’s your chance to help out:  If you liked the film, donate a dollar, a couple dollars.  You decide what it’s worth to you.

You helping out gives me the chance to make another film.  To keep making stuff that feels different and special.

Thanks for watching.